Built in 1896, Watson’s Vet’s Club has survived two fires, making it one of the oldest buildings in Mt Shasta, as well as the oldest bar in town. Part of the old historic “Whiskey Row” when downtown had a slew of bars, it was said women would cross the street to avoid the men on that side of the street. It was a rowdy place for sure! Back in the wild west, there was also a brothel upstairs to keep the men coming back. If you look real closely at the ceiling, you can see a small cut out where a bucket would be lowered down to the bar, for the bartender to put drinks in. Then pulled up for the patrons upstairs.
The Mt Shasta Vet’s Club has gone by many names, Mugglers is the oldest known name, and inside above the bar are the original signs. It settled on The Vet’s in WW1 and has stayed ever since, from Cinca’s Vet’s Club, to Nebolini’s Vet’s Club, and Roxy’s Vet’s Club, Mt Shasta’s Vet’s Club, and now Watson’s Vet’s Club. Inside you will see some of the history from past owners. Cinca’s original menu from the 60’s is framed along with the original keys to the upstairs. Paintings from the 70’s reside on the ceiling of a local woman. If you look real close, she has 11 toes! The largest mural in the bar is rumored to be of lake Siskiyou, and was done by a traveling artist in the 1930’s. And above the door you will see a painting of Roxy, the boxer!
The building is haunted and has many tales to be told by both former and current employees and owners. Make sure to ask the staff.
It has been rumored that The Vet’s has always been owned by Italian’s and currently is now again.
There is just something special about this place. A classic feel and comfort that come instantly when you enter The Vet’s. We love hearing stories of locals who have been coming here for years, and younger adults who say their parent’s came here and now they do. It’s a generational pastime here, and has been for many years.
So come and see for yourself, make your own memories, and share them with us! It has always been and always will be Mt Shasta’s Vet’s Club. It takes a village and we love this one!